Somebody somewhere is enjoying this snow-covered view. Image courtesy Pixabay.

Somebody somewhere is enjoying this snow-covered view. Image courtesy Pixabay.

It is December 2nd. Here is the Friday Five to take your mind off the fact that there are only 29 days until 2016 is over: 

1) From ABC News: The 92nd Street Y is reporting that #GivingTuesday donations this year set a new record, with participating organizations raking in $168 million for the day, up from $117 million last years. The recipients include the Humane Society of the U.S., which raised $350,000 (almost double its $200,000 goal) and the University of Michigan, which raised $5.5 million in 24 hours. The full success stories are here:

2) The blog NonprofitWithBalls has some recommendations on ten ways nonprofits should adjust to the post-election landscape. Its first recommendation: end the Nonprofit Hunger Games—that is, have nonprofits stop competing with each other. (If there were such a thing as a nonviolent Hunger Games with competing nonprofits, that might be amazing to watch.) The blog also strongly encourages promoting civil discourse. See the whole list: 

3) Nonprofit Quarterly notes that nonprofits in New York state are pushing to raise the minimum wage for social services contractors—specifically, employees who do work for city and state governments but are contracted to do that work by private nonprofits. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio signed a citywide wage increase for these city workers through 2020 (by which point New York’s $15/hour minimum wage will take effect), and New York-based nonprofits are attempting to mirror that success across the entire state:

4): In the wake of the election, The Stanford Social Innovation Review looks to history to help guide nonprofit organizations through the Trump era. One lesson: make sure to protect the tax-exempt status of nonprofit organizations. SSIR reminds us that in the 1960s, civil rights organizations received financial help from foundations (including the Ford foundation) to organize protests and register new voters. Find out what other lessons nonprofits can learn from the past:

5) To commemorate the start of the holidays, the blog Make Use Of has recommendations for the top seven charities that offer Christmas help to low-income families. While the article was posted a few years ago, all seven charities are still going strong. Find out how to help everyone enjoy the holidays:

That’s it for the Friday Five. We’re off to construct a holiday display and get an early start on our seasonal cards while trying to avoid listening to “Winter Wonderland” for the 54th time. We wish you success in attempting the same.

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