DID YOU KNOW?: Trees are the longest living organisms on the planet.

DID YOU KNOW?: Trees are the longest living organisms on the planet.

April may be drawing to a close, but spring is in full swing! Today marks the 145th celebration of Arbor Day, which has seen more than 250 million trees planted throughout the world. The holiday was founded with the belief that the planting of trees represents the cultivation of beauty and hope for the future. Trees themselves have been celebrated since ancient times as symbols of life, new beginnings, shelter, and strength. Don’t have a green thumb? No need to worry, you can still check out these five headlines from nonprofit news this week. They will leave you pining for more! (Pun very much intended).

1.  What if a Video Game Could Cure Cancer?

HopeLab was founded with the purpose to do just that—create a video game that would enable children to fight cancer. HopeLab’s mission is to use science, design and technology to improve the health and wellness of children and young adults. Its first game, Re-Mission, encourages kids to take their medication correctly, and facilitates more favorable outcomes of their treatment. Studies have shown that the game has resulted in positive physiological, neurological and psychological changes in the kids who have played it. Discover more about HopeLab’s various other programs, projects and partnerships by clicking on the link above.

2.  How “Good” is Your Workplace?

Nonprofits, governmental agencies and companies alike can audit workplace health through an advanced scoring rubric designed by GoodWell. This process looks beyond profitability and focuses on 11 key indicators, including: working conditions, wages and pay gaps amongst employees. The test is pass-fail, and employers must attain a positive result in each category to achieve certification. Scores are shared, giving employers a chance to see how they stack up against competitors within the same industry. Would your employer pass this audit? Check out the link above to learn more.

3.  The Nonprofit Migration

Bay Area nonprofits are scrambling to find solutions as significant increases in commercial rent are driving dozens of organizations out of downtown Oakland. Many of these nonprofits will have to relocate for a third time after already having been forced out of San Francisco due to unfeasible costs. Low-income and minority mission-based organizations, that can no longer afford to rent space downtown, are being hit the hardest by their displacement. Will these nonprofits find a home? Read more by following the above link.

4.  The Value of the Volunteer

According to volunteer data collected by Independent Sector in 2016, the value of one volunteer hour is estimated to be worth $24.14. More than 63 million Americans volunteered last year, completing approximately 8 billion hours of work. The time and talent given to religious, educational, social and community service organizations by volunteers is immensely beneficial in efforts to better our communities. Want to learn more about the value of your volunteer time? The above link provides a state-by-state breakdown.

5.  From the Lab to the Streets

This past Saturday, on Earth Day, various cities across the country (and internationally) saw tens of thousands of scientists and science supporters taking to the streets for the March for Science. This march represented efforts for recognition of science in society, and to protest threats of cuts to funding within the science community. Science and politics merged during this rally, and much like the Women’s March in January, issues of diversity and inclusion emerged. For more information, take a look at the linked article.

That’s it for this week’s Friday Five! We’re off to take a nice stroll in the sunshine. We may even hug a few trees while we’re at it. See you next week! 

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